Meet Tomas

I have the experience needed to address the needs of District 19, and the great State of Texas. l have the expertise needed to create legislation that protects our citizens, our children, our economy, our environment, and also keeps our taxes under control.

When I grew up, things were a bit different. There wasn’t a Palo Alto College or A&M San Antonio. Toyota wasn’t making brand new Tundras and Tacomas. The economy was driven almost entirely by Kelly Air Force Base and Brooks Army Base. Where today there’re rows of houses with neatly trimmed lawns, in my youth there weren’t even sidewalks to get us to school. My father, who served in the Air Force during the Korean War, taught myself and my seven siblings the values of hard work, public service, and integrity.

After college, I planned on becoming a public school teacher.  The only job opening was in a small town outside of Laredo – a bit too far from San Antonio for my family. I stayed behind and began working for Harlandale ISD. Eventually, I was elected and spent 13 years on the Harlandale Board of Trustees. During that time, I was able to guide and mentor many kids and worked to improve the local schools. To this day, I believe the time I spent working with public school kids to be the most valuable experiences of my life. At Harlandale I even met my wife Leslie, who’s been a public school teacher for more 23 years.

In 2016, I was elected to represent House District 118 in the Texas Legislature.  The Southside now looks a lot different than it did when I was growing up – there’s new buildings, neighborhoods, schools, and roads along every corner.

In Austin, my main goal will continue to  be making Texas a better place to live and raise our children.  That means continuing to support our public schools so that every students receives a quality education, as well as every high school graduate has a viable career path for their adult life.  We need more and better infrastructure across our cities – including non-toll highways, rail, and public buses. As well as an environment that allows businesses to thrive, we need a strong social safety net for those who are struggle. Most importantly,  as the city continues to change and evolve, we need to change with it – investing in our community in new and innovative ways to meet the challenges of today.


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State Representative Tomas Uresti

District 118